4 Falls Discovery

4 Falls Discovery

This 6-7 hour tour will take you in a comfortable 12 passenger van upriver to the Pabineau Falls, a famous spot of the Mi'gmaq First Nation, Nepisiguit Gorge Falls, now dammed for electricity but still with a stunning view, Buck Falls and Rainbow Falls, both on tributaries of the Nepisiguit River.

The first two are really close to parking while the last 2 need a 25-75 minutes round-trip hike on uneven ground. Relive the past of past loggers, river drivers and many other people whose lives were influenced by the river with your knowledgeable guide. Depending on season, you might be lucky enough to do a little forest harvesting of plants or mushrooms. Settle down in a peaceful natural setting to enjoy your lunch.

Tour cost: 60$ +taxes if your bring your lunch, or 50$ if you book a group of 6-10 people. 75$ pp + taxes with meal included.
  • Season:
    Spring, Summer and Fall
  • Activite Type:
    Hiking and Snowshoeing
  • Profile:
    Serene Deer and Faithful Salmon
  • Length:
    6-7 hours
  • Price:
  • Difficulty:
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