Snowshoeing the Portage Trail

Snowshoeing the Portage Trail

A comfortable 12 passenger van will bring you to the trailhead at Middle Landing. Quality snowshoes are supplied for you to enjoy this half-day experience along the Gordon Meadow Portage Trail. Walk among the snow-covered cedars and through beautiful hardwood groves following alongside one of the most important ancient routes in Northern New Brunswick. Breathe the crisp Canadian winter air, feel the essence of the silence of a frozen New Brunswick Forest and identify wildlife tracks in the snow.

Along the path you will come across a 120-foot rope bridge where you can challenge yourself to cross.

Catch a glimpse of history with your guides as they explain the importance of the area, being a link between the Mighty Nepisiguit and Miramichi Rivers. Let your mind wander as you stand on a path where courageous people traversed on foot, snowshoe or canoe for centuries, carrying their supplies.

To compliment your experience, there is no better feeling than cozying up by an open fire and feasting on comfort food and warm drinks prepared by your guides. Come immerse yourself in these breathtaking wintery landscape scenes.
  • Season:
  • Activite Type:
    Hiking and snowshoeing
  • Profile:
    Faithful salmon and Thrill Seeking Otter
  • Length:
    5 Hours
  • Price:
  • Difficulty:

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