Winter workshops at ANA's hideout

Winter workshops at ANA's hideout

This winter experience is for outdoor lovers who want to enjoy winter at a new level, in a hassle-free all-inclusive package.

Transportation is included to a large private forested land by the Nigadoo River, surrounding an authentic handmade log cabin. With experienced outdoor leaders, acquire or improve your winter survival skills in a controlled safe environment.

This prime Acadian forest is the perfect setup to learn about different tree species, their properties and how we benefited from these locally throughout our history. Get some basic tips on compass use to enjoy and make your outings safer. Your guides will help you understand a bit more how to properly choose your clothes in different outdoor settings and how to use layers efficiently. Snacks will be provided to you throughout the day.

Snowshoes are at your disposition. Choose a good location and build a winter shelter with your team leaders. A snow cave well-built is surprisingly warm even in the coldest days of winter and is a truly unique experience that you have to do at least once in your life.

Master the art of fire making, from ancient knowledge to fancy new gadgets. It’s not only another fun activity, but also a potentially lifesaving skill to acquire. Discover different outdoor cooking techniques, again from our ancestors’ ways to modern tools available. We can even show you how to catch game in a survival situation.

After a hardy meal, you have the evening to do a night walk, relax at the cabin or exchanging stories around the fire. You might also choose to just appreciate the stars and the calm of a crisp wintery night, one of life’s simple pleasures.

Once it’s time to settle in for the night, you have the option of taking your winter experience to the next level. Will you trust your skills and sleep in the snow cave you’ve constructed or choose the warmth and comfort of a heated log cabin? Will you take the challenge?

Wake up refreshed and get spoiled with a logger’s breakfast prepared by your guides before heading back home with your newly acquired knowledge, skills and a lot of stories to tell your family and friends.

This experience is a great opportunity to push your winter outdoor limits, while being in a safe vicinity to a heated log cabin where we have cellphone coverage.

Start point: KC Irving Center or other preferred location
  • Season:
  • Activite Type:
    Camping and Workshops
  • Profile:
    Creative Beaver and Thrill Seeking Otter
  • Length:
    16 Hours
  • Price:
  • Difficulty:

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