Some of your Questions:

Q. Where is the Nepisiguit region and where does the word “Nepisiguit" come from?

The Nepisiguit region shares part of the better known Chaleur Region that surrounds the Bay of Chaleur, one of the most beautiful bays in the world. We are in northern New Brunswick in Atlantic Canada and the territory we cover is the basin drained by the majestic Nepisiguit River from the Mount Carleton Park to the salty waters in Bathurst, New Brunswick – the city you are most likely to arrive in by plane, train, or car. We consider the Nepisiguit region as Atlantic Canada's best unspoiled natural outdoor playground.

Nepisiguit comes from the Mi'gmaq name Oinpegitjoig, meaning Roughly Flowing Water. The Pabineau First Nation living here is a very friendly community, mostly English speaking with traditional Mi'gmaq language still spoken and taught by some members. The Nepisiguit region is multilingual with French and English speaking people from different origins, adding a great deal to our experiences with their cultural heritage.

Q. Can you tell me more about Bathurst and the Bay of Chaleur?

Europeans first reached the shores of the Bay of Chaleur when Jacques Cartier named it in 1534. He chose the name because when discovered, steam was rising from the water, giving him the impression that the water was warm. The Bay of Chaleur is a member of the Most Beautiful Bays of the World Club.

Bathurst is situated at the southernmost part of Chaleur Bay on Bathurst Harbour, an estuary at the mouth of four rivers: the Nepisiguit River, Middle Rivver, Little River, and the Tetagouche River. It has a population of about 12,000.

Bathurst has one of four airports in the province with regularly-scheduled flights. Bathurst Airport accommodates general aviation, along with service to Montreal via Air Canada. It also offers a train service on the Montreal-Halifax route with Via Rail.

Among the gems of the city, La Promenade Waterfront, located downtown, has a cluster of shops, art, restaurants, boutiques, and a visitor information centre. Youghall Beach Park offers swimming, volleyball, and windsurfing. Bathurst Marina is located next to the beach. Bathurst also has two beautiful golf courses. In winter, the snow offers stunning scenery for snowshoers at the Daly Point Reserve that is otherwise a beautiful spot open year round.

Bathurst and the surrounding communities host many festivals and events such as Hospitality Days, plenty of music festivals, la Traversée des Rameurs de Petit-Rocher,  the new Succulents Lobster Festival, and the Défi Nepisiguit Challenge.

Bathurst was recently spotlighted on social media by being named amongst the friendliest and most romantic places in Canada.

Q. How do I pay for my experiences?

When departure is confirmed with a minimal booking of 4 people, we will send you a request to pay in advance for your experience by credit card or PayPal. We can also accept credit card payments on site for last minute bookings if the situation permits. Please advise us if you absolutely have to use other payment options. Email or call us for details.

Q. Will I receive a refund if I cancel?

Please see our Terms and Conditions for details.

Q. Are activities cancelled because of bad weather?

Our motto is that there is no bad weather, just bad choice of clothing. The exception of course are the kayak tours in which we won’t expose you to any danger if there is thunder or the wind conditions are not favorable. A lot of people tend to shy away from what is perceived as bad weather, not realizing that the conditions in the forest are often much better than what it looks like through the window. We offer to go rain or shine because most of the time, clients end up having just as much fun and some of the best memories are made during special weather experiences. Discomfort from exposure to difficult weather can also have the benefit of making you appreciate the comfort of your home or lodge afterwards. If we have to cancel because we are convinced you are not going to appreciate your experience or there are risks due to extreme weather conditions, then we will reimburse you 100%.

Q. Is transportation included with the price?

Yes, transportation is included in the price. Depending on the experience, there will be a specified meet location, but we can pick you up at your chosen lodging if it’s in the region and you are a group of 4 or more. Contact us for those special arrangements.

Q. Do I book my tours and lodging separately?

Yes, and you can book one without the other. Don't be shy to ask. It will be our pleasure to make the right suggestions for your needs. We have suggestions for hotels, bed and breakfast, a rustic camp or camping sites. Please see the list of accommodation available in the region in the lodging section of our website. Depending on the activities, our suggested lodging can serve as pick-up locations for your excursions.

Q. Can you customize a certain package to better suit my needs?

We have crafted our experiences around the best features and guides we have to offer, but since we are aiming for 100% client satisfaction, we can certainly try to customize any tours or packages to best meet your requests. Email or call us to discuss details of your desired adventures.

Q. Can we book for a bigger group?

While we think small groups offer a better experience, we can consider booking a bigger group. It won't be possible for every experience and we might have to contract another passenger van, but we will try to meet your expectations as best we can.

Q. How have you chosen your guides?

We picked our guides very carefully for your safety and enjoyment. They are local and are all very passionate individuals with different specialties, and you can find their details in the “Our Team" section of our website. Some are life-long trappers, yoga and meditation teachers, fascinating storytellers, artists, and the two co-founders are family physicians. Every staff member has first-aid training and other needed certifications such as canoeing or kayaking, and knows the risk management plan.

Q. Are the staff bilingual?

Most of our staff are fully bilingual in French and English and we will always have at least someone on board who covers those two languages very well. You might also have the chance to get initiated to the Mi'gmaq language during certain experiences.

Q. How do I know if I'm in good enough physical shape for my chosen experience?

Each tour has a rating included in the description. Most tours require you to walk on irregular surfaces like single track hiking trails with exposed roots. If you have any doubts, don't hesitate to contact us.

Q. Do I need to supply my own equipment?

Most experiences include most of the equipment other than the appropriate clothing you need for the type of weather you might be facing. Look at the description of the package and if you still have some doubts or you need to rent additional gear from us (at a reasonable fee) contact us by email or phone and we will do our best to meet your needs. Supplies are limited for some extra equipment, so please be sure to check with us before booking your experience.

Q. What hiking/camping gear should I bring?

We have a list of suggested items depending on the type of experience you book right here.

Q. Do we bring any food?

You don't need to. We craft our tours with meals and snacks included to make your experience as pleasant and memorable as possible. If you still insist on bringing your own food, you are welcomed to do so if it doesn't need complicated cooking on our part. If you have dietary restrictions, allergies, or preferences, please let us know well in advance for us to better meet your needs.

Q. Are there any dangerous animals in your forest?

One of the advantages of enjoying nature here is the lack of dangerous animals. We don't have grizzlies, polar bears, deadly snakes, spiders or jelly fish. The general rule is if you respect the animals, they will respect you, and our guides will teach you the tips and tricks to assure your safety. The most likely way to seriously get hurt by an animal here is in your car by hitting a moose if not careful, especially at dusk and dawn.

Q. Are there a lot of bugs in your area?

We won't lie to you. Spring and summer can bring its share of black flies, no see-ums, and mosquitoes similar to about anywhere else in Canada, depending on where we do our excursions. However, a lot of adventures are active and they are less annoying when you move. We are familiar with many ways to deal with them. We will have many of those solutions on board available for you if you don't bring along insect repellent or a bug jacket. We will also do our best to entertain you to the point of you forgetting about those pests.

Q. What is the best season to visit your region?

It really depends on personal preference. We have four very different seasons here. Every season has its charm and we try to bring the best out in all four of them. In winter, you obviously have to plan your clothing better, but snowshoeing is absolutely fantastic here and cozying up around a campfire or sleeping in a snow cave or teepee can be a very memorable experience. Spring brings unique experiences with some forest harvesting, fauna observation and the higher water level to descent additional rivers. Summer is a favorite for many people, including the locals here, with a wider range of activities happening in town and the chance to better enjoy the beaches. Fall is absolutely incredible for hiking here with the leaves changing colours and the mosquitos disappearing.

Q. Are kids welcome?

In general, most experiences have a level of activity that best suits children of 12 and over. It's not that we don't want kids in certain tours, but we want to avoid disappointments as much as possible. If you reserve a full group by yourself, we can certainly try to modify the experience to better meet everyone's needs.

Q. Can we bring our pet?

We love pets. If you book a whole group and everyone in the group is okay with it, we can try our best to accommodate you bringing your pet with you if you don't need transportation and if the type of experience permits. However, you have to understand that if you join other people in the group, we can't accept pets knowing that not everyone is an animal lover, and some might be allergic to them.

Q. Any other questions?

No problem! Contact us by email or phone.