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Conferences and Workshops

Dr Samuel Daigle and Dr Julie Langlois practiced family medicine for 17 years and are active in the province to promote the basic determinants of health and wellness. Here are a few of the talks they are offering for the public.

E-mail or call 506-252-3050 for further details or inquiries.

Finding a right balance between exposure to nature and new technologies

Technology vs Nature

For thousands of years, humans evolved in nature, moving and eating « real food ». We drastically changed our environment recently with obvious consequences. With this 45 to 90 minute talk, we will explain the many effects on the body and mind of overexposure to new technologies, the benefits of putting more nature in our daily lives and tips on how to achieve these changes. An important topic to discuss with kids, parents, teachers or anyone wanting to improve their health and wellness.

The science of happiness. Could I manufacture some of it?

Hapiness conference

What does everybody aim for in life? To be happy of course! But how much time and effort do we really put to plan a happy life and do we take the right actions? With the help of theories of evolution, advices from ancient Rome and new science, we will explain how we often make the wrong decisions if we live on autopilot, following the current of society. We are confident an audience ranging from teenagers to seniors can benefit from attending this 45-90 minute talk.

Habits. So hard to change ... or is it?


Wish you could stop smoking, eat better, start exercising more, spend less time on that cellphone? This 45 to 60 minute talk will help you understand why we take the decisions we do. Actually, most of the time, we are justifying the decisions we already took unconsciously. By many examples and exchanges in the audience, we will give you tips as to how to change our automatic behavior and break habit loops.

Use of compass, GPS and maps simplified

GPS and map workshop

Always wanted to learn or perfect your knowledge of the compass and/or GPS? Yes, the old compass still has it’s place in the 21st century. Now is your chance with this fun, small group workshop. Master the use of these potentially life saving devices with simple group exercises. The compass can be a nice added challenge and make your next outing so much more enjoyable.

3 hour Maps and compass workshop:30$
3 hour GPS workshop: 30$
Full day combined maps,compass and GPS workshop:50$

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