About Us

Dr. Samuel Daigle and Dr. Julie Langlois

Our Founders

Aventures Nepisiguit Adventures was founded by a couple of family physicians, both nature lovers that developed a great affinity for the Nepisiguit River. They work in close relation with the local First Nation of Pabineau, a Mi’gmaq community longing to share all the wonders of the mighty Nepisiguit River and their cultural heritage. Samuel and Julie put away their stethoscopes to make nature and wellness more accessible in their community and for the tourists.

Our Logo

The fiddleheads represents the richness of our region’s flora and the culinary aspect of many of our tours. The canoe paddle highlights the importance of the river and of being active in nature. The eagle feather represents the Mi’gmaq culture and the diversity of fauna that can be found in the region. These together form the letters A for Adventure and N for Nepisiguit. “Nepisiguit" was borrowed from “Oinpegitjoig", a Mi’gmaq name meaning “Roughly Flowing Waters". N also stands for the very important vitamin N…ature you can replenish yourself with here.

Aventures Nepisiguit Adventures (ANA for short)

With ANA, you will experience the best of the Nepisiguit River region in Northern New Brunswick, Canada. Our small group outdoor adventures are guided by very passionate people that grew up in this vast playground. With their profound knowledge of the territory, history, local Acadian, English and Mi’gmaq culture, they will share secrets that were kept for too long.

ANA will let your body and soul tune back into nature with various activities like hiking in wild forest, survival skills workshops, canoe or kayak outings, meditation or yoga sessions in nature, forest harvesting with culinary tips, a tour of our favourite wonders or a deep immersion in Acadian and Mi’gmaq culture. We gathered an amazing team of guides with different specialties: artists, physicians, outdoor experts, professional photographers, life-long trappers, forest harvesters, fascinating storytellers, and many more!

These organized adventures are ideal to create new friendships or groups and families wanting to strengthen their bonds. ANA also suggests specific experiences for work teams wanting to optimize leadership qualities, collaboration and respect at the workplace. Visitors from outside will have a chance to explore the very best our region has to offer.

With hassle-free planning, ANA will match usefulness to pleasure with authentic and memorable adventures favoring personal growth by learning health tips, history and culture. ANA has activities fro their four beautiful seasons as much for local and outside visitors, beginners or nature experts.

Come breathe our fresh air, taste the warm hospitality and live an unforgettable authentic experience with ANA!


Protection of natural and cultural heritage

ANA has strong ties with Pabineau First Nation, a local Mi’gmaq community, with Sentiers Verts Chaleur Green Trails, a regional non-profit organization promoting ecological outdoor non-motorized activities and with Productions Aulnes, a local video production company promoting these causes. Together, we aim to protect, enhance and restore the integrity of natural and cultural heritage resources and places. With a huge volunteer support from the surrounding municipalities, we helped clean old dumpsites, lobby to save some prime sections of forest and enhance public awareness and involvement in the protection of their precious resources.

ANA will enrich your travel with accurate information and opportunities to connect with the region’s natural and cultural heritage. While engaging the customers in a deeper appreciation for nature and the cultural heritage, it has the double benefit of inspiring and encouraging the local providers of conserving such a great heritage.

ANA also has strong ties with Daly Point Reserve, the finish (or start) of the Sentier Nepisiguit Mi’gmaq Trail. They also greatly raise awareness, support environmental studies and offer education programs to schools and public with their unique beautiful natural setting.

Promotion of health and wellness

ANA wants people to discover their magnificent region with all the physical and psychological benefits of renewing with nature.

New technologies are in no doubt useful, but an unbalance of its use with too much time locked indoors and being less active has brought many people to dissociate from the natural environment we evolved in for thousands of years. This phenomenon is responsible, at least in part, for the epidemic of obesity, diabetes, insomnia, fatigue, depression, anxiety and hyperactivity disorders our society faces today.

If you feel overwhelmed and lacking vitality, an outing in nature might just be your best prescription. Let us guide you a little outside your comfort zone and stimulate all your senses, to quickly appreciate this reconciliation with nature and that balance that your body and mind has been craving for. ANA wishes to light up your inner flame, the joy of living the present moment in nature and realization of what’s really important in life to prosper.

Optimization of long-term local socio-economic wellness

The region was hit by the closures of industries that harvested and transformed natural resources and needs to change the ways to sustain its economy. By involving surrounding communities including First Nations people in tourism, ANA aims to help the region develop ways to stabilize and grow while minimizing the environmental, social, and cultural impact.

ANA encourages responsible use and enjoyment of resources with innovative high quality travel experiences, using local guides and local resources as much as possible.

Provides occasions of personal growth and life changing experiences

The Nepisiguit region is a huge wild playground with interesting cultural traditions and history. Inspiring and warm hearted local guides are eager to share their abilities and stories. ANA will give you plenty of opportunity to learn through unique experience, and be transformed by the peaceful setting of the river and forest.

The Nepisiguit has 4 very distinct seasons and ANA plans to offer you the best of every one of them.

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